Social Media Management

April 9, 2017 By sadiya

Social Media Management

Manage social interactions at scale to reach the people that matter most

Spread fast allows you to centralize your social media management efforts and take advantage of actionable insights to make everything you do on social smarter, more efficient, and more impactful. The people you need to connect with are on social producing, viewing, and interacting with vast amounts of content all the time. With Spread fast, your team will have the planning, collaboration, insights, and reporting tools they need to cut through the noise and connect with the people they care about most.

Collaborate easily across your team:

Long gone are the days of multiple planning tools, version control issues, and messy governance. From one central place, your team can plan social campaigns, organize and store marketing assets, and ensure that the right people are approving content before publishing. Spredfast scales with your team’s needs to make coordination easy—from highly configurable approval workflows to simple chat to hashing out the details of a plan or a post.

Put your planning and strategy in context:

Savvy marketing teams know that data is important, but getting the right insights at the right time is tough. With Spredfast, actionable insights are just a click away. Arm your social team with unlimited real-time and historical social search. Research target audiences while planning campaigns, track competitors while developing strategy, identify influences to engage, and spot what’s working in top-performing content to inform your tactics.

Measure what matters:

Pull beautiful, presentation-ready reports to measure your success, track performance against competitors, and prove the value of your social efforts. Spredfast provides your team with the powerful analytics you need to figure out what’s working well and double-down on over-performing tactics. Get visibility into aggregate and granular performance across all of your social channels and accounts, then share results with stakeholders and executives.




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